Dharmesh 04/07/2023
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A month ago, on March 6th we launched the first public version of ChatSpot

It's been amazing to see the response from the community as thousands of people have signed up and tried the application out.

Today, am officially launching ChatSpot Alpha 3 (2 was launched a couple of weeks ago).

Here are some highlights:

1) A ton of improvements and improved trainings so ChatSpot comes up with better responses more often. If it's been a while since you've tried ChatSpot and you got frustrated -- my apologies and thanks for your patience. It's much better now (but still alpha)

2) ChatSpot now uses GPT-4 which is generally smarter, writes better. As an added bonus, the base version of GPT-4 (that most other apps use) are limited to 8,000 tokens. ChatSpot is one of the few apps that is able to process up to 32,000 tokens. More tokens = more awesomeness possible.

3) There's a new Prompt Library that gives you a bunch of sample prompts you can try. This library will continue to get larger. You can access the library by using Command+K or clicking the CMD+K button in the prompt box.

4) You can now get a summary of any publicly accessible article on the web. What's super-cool is that it pulls out the names of the people and companies mentioned in the article. And, if you're using HubSpot CRM, it will show you which of those companies are in the CRM and if they're a lead, prospect etc.


summarize https://techcrunch.com/2023/04/05/chatgpt-everything-you-need-to-know-about-the-ai-powered-chatbot/

5) HubSpot ops/admins, have a new prompt for you:

show me company properties that have been updated in last 90 days.

ChatSpot also supports asking for custom properties now.

show me custom company properties

6) Have made big improvements to the company research feature.

Try: company research on OpenAI.com

7) You can do deeper research on domain registrations, including seeing which domains are associated with a particular email address.

Try: which domains are registered by dshah@hubspot.com


And, about 20+ more new things, but too much to get into this blog post.

Hope you find ChatSpot useful. Always open to your feedback. We're making ChatSpot better every day based on what we hear from you. 





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