Dylan 04/24/2023
1 Minutes

Welcome to the first edition of our weekly ChatSpot update series. Every Monday, I'll be sharing the latest and greatest improvements, updates, and features that we've been working on. Our goal is to keep you informed and engaged with the progress we're making. This week's video highlights the following improvements to ChatSpot: 

  • Improved UI for text wrapping: Now, our text editor is more responsive, making it easier to read and edit longer prompts such as tweets or blog posts.
  • Enhanced email campaign performance analysis: We've added unique opens, open rate as a percentage, and click-through rate as a percentage to provide you with more impactful data.
  • New parameter guidance: To reduce errors and make it even easier for you to get the data you need, we've added a parameters modal for specifying inputs in suggested prompts.
  • Error reduction for keyword analysis: ChatSpot now shows both organic and paid keyword data in one table when you don't specify either, making it easier to get the information you need.

Stay tuned for more updates next Monday, and have a great week!


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