Dylan 05/01/2023
1 Minutes

Change is a good thing, in this week's product update, we're thrilled to unveil three enhancements that we've made to ChatSpot Alpha: Turbocharged Prompts, Front and Center Favorites, and All-New Company Funding Data Insights

  1. Turbocharged Prompts for Speed and Accuracy: Our revamped UX now offers a seamless way to access prompts, boosting your speed and accuracy while using ChatSpot. The prompt library and suggestions have been consolidated into a single, filterable library organized by topic, making it a breeze to find the perfect prompt for your needs.

  2. Front and Center Favorites: Designed with power users in mind, our new "Favorites" feature puts your most-used prompts right at your fingertips. Just favorite a prompt, and it will be available as its own filter in the prompt sidebar, streamlining your daily workflow and saving you valuable time.

  3. All New Funding Data: ChatSpot now integrates company funding data, providing invaluable insights for your research. Access public funding data, including funding round, date, and investors, for any company you're interested in. This powerful feature is perfect for prospecting, marketing research, or deepening your understanding of existing customers.

As always, your feedback is crucial to our ongoing improvements, so please keep it coming. See you in next week's update!


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