Dylan 05/08/2023
1 Minutes

ChatSpot is faster now, with faster being somewhat of a homonym. Here's what we've been up to.

Improving faster - If you're reading this email, thank you! We've been thrilled by the reception to the product. Seeing how you all are using ChatSpot thus far has us committed and excited to continue building faster than ever. We are busy improving and scaling our systems to improve quality responses, breadth of functionality, and so much more. Your feedback has been incredibly valuable getting us to this point and we're thrilled to show you what's next. 

Answering faster - We've made a shift from GPT 4.0 to GPT 3.5 for some responses, speeding up response time significantly across the board. Of course, there's more processing we do to deliver on sales and marketing use cases in the ways that you need, but by improving that specific interaction we're seeing response times are dramatically shorter across the board. 

Prospecting faster - We've improved the formatting of the company funding prompt for enhanced readability and also introduced a new way to add companies to the HubSpot CRM directly from ChatSpot. Now, you can move from researching companies in news to having a highly qualified prospect stored in your CRM in just a few prompts. 

Happy ChatSpotting!