Dylan 05/15/2023
1 Minutes

Three exciting developments this week, all related to researching with ChatSpot. Company research, keyword research, and phrase-based keyword research are available now!

  1. Finding Companies: With a simple prompt, you can now explore companies based on industry and location, be it as specific as a city or as broad as a country. Looking for project management companies in California? No problem! ChatSpot is on it, ready to provide you with a list complete with names, revenue, and quick actions to explore further.

  2. Discover More with Related Keywords: Previously ChatSpot could only find keywords that a specific company ranked for. Related Keywords changes that! Once you've discovered a company's paid keywords, like related to "Gantt chart" at $6.50 a click, you can dig deeper using related keywords. Find the terms people are searching for related to a specific keyword, providing you with even greater insights into user behavior and search trends.

  3. Asking the Right Questions with Keyword Phrases: To wrap things up, we're spotlighting our Keyword Phrases feature. This tool uses natural language processing to find the ways people are asking questions about a specific topic in search engines. For example, if you're interested in the keyword "Gantt chart," our tool can show you related questions like "how to make a Gantt chart" or "what is a Gantt chart?" This can aid you in creating a more effective content strategy and so much more.

    Beyond the above, over the past few weeks we've been dedicated to improving reliability and speed. You should see fewer errors and faster responses than ever before. We appreciate your continued feedback and look forward to hearing your thoughts on these new launches. Until our next update, happy exploring with ChatSpot!