Dylan 05/22/2023
1 Minutes

The ChatSpot, ChatGPT plugin is LIVE and ChatSpot now supports a truly high-tech prompt - Company Technology. As always, the video below has a more in-depth breakdown and demo of these launch highlights. Let's dive in...

The ChatSpot, ChatGPT Plugin: A First Of Its Kind

ChatSpot is live as one of the first official plugins offered by ChatGPT. The plugin is tailored for keyword analysis, domain information, competitive analysis, and other research. This streamlines the workflow for those of you moving between ChatGPT and ChatSpot throughout your day. Try these prompts with the ChatSpot Plugin and in ChatSpot, we'd love to hear which you prefer:

- Show me keywords [company name] pays for
- List domains owned by [[email address]]
- Show me funding data for [[company url]]

*At this time, the Plugin is not fully featured ChatSpot functionality. Notably, there is no way to access or update your HubSpot account information via the ChatGPT plugin. 

Technology Research: Insights into a company's Tech Stack

This week's highlighted feature is a brand new prompt called Technology Research. This enables you to explore technologies used by companies across various industries.

By sending prompts such as "technology [company name] uses," you can unlock a wealth of information. Discover email services, marketing automation tools, and other technologies employed by leading companies like Zapier right at your fingertips. Whether you're selling SaaS or optimizing your own tech stack, ChatSpot equips you with the insights you need.

There will be no update next week, we're taking a short break for Memorial Day and are focused on delivering our biggest update since launch the following week, see you then!