Dylan 06/05/2023
1 Minutes

After a brief 1-week hiatus, we're back with the ChatSpot weekly. On June 1st, there were sweeping changes made to the app. The majority of the changes were behind the scenes, but the user interface has been completely redesigned and we've introduced some new(s) functionality as well. 

  • Streamlined Interface - The ChatSpot.ai landing page and the ChatSpot app have been redesigned. Search has been added to the Template Library, the settings page has been consolidated into a single page app, and sending prompts from the library is more clear and easy.
  • Interoperability with HubSpot - HubSpot users can now easily jump to their linked Hub directly from the ChatSpot navigation and no longer need to sign up for ChatSpot separately. HubSpot users can start chatting immediately simply by visiting app.hubspot.com/chatspot when logged in to HubSpot. 
  • Company News Prompt - Knowing what's in the news is critical information for any role in a business. Recent news can help salespeople research and sell better, help marketers design content and understand their audience, and really help everyone in the business better understand the environment surrounding their work. Try "Company news for [domain name]" directly in ChatSpot, this new feature brings the most important news for a company right to your fingertips. 

These updates are the beginning of a new wave of functionality for ChatSpot, we're glad you're along for the ride. Here's this week's video update covering all of the above and more: