Dylan 06/12/2023
1 Minutes

Prospecting can be hard, ChatSpot makes it easier. If you aren't in sales, forward this to a friend that is...I guarantee they'll thank you. We've added support that powers 4 new prompt templates and an unlimited opportunity for results when it comes to finding your newest great fit opportunities. 

  • Find companies using certain software: ChatSpot can help you find companies using products like Dropbox, Github, Okta, Greenhouse, Paychex, Workday and much much more. 
  • Intersect that list with your territory: If you sell in a given state, city, or region you can ask ChatSpot a question like "Who is using Dropbox in Nashville, TN" to narrow things down even further. 
  • Refine even further by a sector or industry: If you have a specific industry that is your bread and butter but first need to understand their tech stack, ask ChatSpot. "Show me non-profit companies using Greenhouse" - the rest is history. 

To support these updates, we've added an entirely new template category "Prospecting" as well as refined the prompts within. Once you've gotten the hang of things using the template library, carry-on freeform for some additional creativity!