Dylan 06/20/2023
1 Minutes

This week's update is packed with product updates of all kinds. Most importantly, ChatSpot is now your competitive intel expert - those details, pagination, a redesigned the interface, and an update on HubSpot CRM prompts all await...Let's jump in:

  • 2 new competitive analysis prompts - competitive research is one of the most overlooked advantages in business. Whether you're analyzing your own competitors or working to understand your customers' competition - having an understanding of the competitive landscape is critical. To see the 2 new prompts, type "competitor" into the prompt library search or watch this week's video recap below for a detailed breakdown.
  • At your request: pagination  - your feedback during the ChatSpot alpha is so important to us. Last week, when we launched a suite of prospecting prompts we heard so much positive feedback and one very clear ask: "can we page through results when there are more than 10?". You asked, we answered, now there are a handful of prompts that include paginated results. Try pagination on for size using last week's featured prompts.
  • A redesigned UI - As it turns out, our recent coat of paint was more of a primer than anything. ChatSpot now has a much cleaner interface that makes it even more enjoyable to achieve the results you need from your daily prompts. 
  • HubSpot CRM prompts - We're aware of the intermittent performance with HubSpot CRM prompts (e.g. "Create contact") and are working hard to return to fully complete functionality as soon as possible. As a reminder, while the product is in its Alpha state, we recommend not straying too far from the prompt templates in the library. To double down on this near term focus, next week's update will be dedicated to showcasing all of ChatSpot's opportunities interacting the HubSpot CRM. 

    As a reminder, starting next week this weekly blog series and email will be shared on Wednesdays. As always, thank you for participating in the ChatSpot Alpha!