Dylan 06/28/2023
1 Minutes
The HubSpot CRM is already strikingly easy to use, how could it be any easier? With ChatSpot, of course! This week we'll cover plenty of ground, from the long awaited return of HubSpot prompts all the way to keyboard shortcuts...this week's update has something for everybody. Let's go: 

  • HubSpot prompts return - ChatSpot has re-introduced support for several HubSpot CRM prompts. Now, interacting with your HubSpot CRM is more conversational than ever before. We'll continue improving ChatSpot's integration with HubSpot in the coming weeks, the prompts linked below are just the tip of the iceberg. Better yet, all prompt templates can now be linked to directly (just grab the URL when a template is opened) so you can now share prompts with your teammates. Any of the links below will take you directly to the respective template in ChatSpot, give it a go: 

  • Multiple technology search - 2 weeks back, we released the ability to find companies based on the technology they use. We've made some quick iterations here and now support searching by multiple technologies used to help you further narrow down a company search. For example: "Find me companies in New Mexico that use both HubSpot and Wordpress". 
  • Prompt (template) faster - If keyboard shortcuts are your style, we've got something for you. Now, when sending a prompt template, use cmd+enter once you've entered your prompt variables to start chatting faster than ever before. 

These updates and more are covered in the 9th edition of the ChatSpot weekly video below. We'll be skipping next week's update to rest and celebrate the 4th of July holiday, but you can expect potentially the most exciting ChatSpot update ever the following week. See you then!