Dylan 07/12/2023
1 Minutes

Generic messaging yields to generic results - this is more evident than ever with generative AI creating content that lacks personalization and doesn't match your style. With this week's updates, ChatSpot is changing that by making personalization much easier - getting to know you, your brand, and your style. You no longer need to provide deeply crafted prompts every time you want to write a blog post or draft an email. Instead, ChatSpot now has two powerful settings that make ChatSpot AI your AI - understanding your style and using it to improve Blog Posts and Emails generated in the product, every time. 

  • Your Blog Style: The first setting is "Your Blog Style." It allows you to evaluate up to 5,000 words of your blog content. Once you input your content, ChatSpot AI generates a detailed summary based on tone, style, perspective, and topic area of your previous blog posts. This style is then dynamically used in every blog post you ask ChatSpot to create. Creating on-brand content has never been this simple.

  • Your Email Style: The second feature we're releasing this week is "Your Email Style." Similar to your blogs, ChatSpot can evaluate and style up to 5,000 words of your email content. From then on, every email you draft through ChatSpot will be tailored, polished, and on-brand as if you wrote it yourself.

To get started and set your own styles, visit ChatSpot.ai -> Settings -> Writing Styles. We're incredibly excited for the future of personalized AI where ChatSpot knows youyour business, and helps you grow better. Stay tuned for more updates along these lines, the future of a personalized AI companion that knows your business is bright with ChatSpot.