Dylan 07/19/2023
1 Minutes

It can be incredibly powerful to ask ChatSpot a simple question about your business and to receive an answer within seconds. This is potentially one of the biggest opportunities with an AI like ChatSpot when deeply connected to a CRM. We've got a ways to go before ChatSpot is truly the command line for anything happening in your business, but this update covers recent strides in that direction. 

  • ChatSpot.com -> ChatSpot.ai Here at ChatSpot, we like domain names. If you've ever mistakenly typed ChatSpot.com instead of ChatSpot.ai and ended up in the wrong place...us too. Wander no longer, ChatSpot.com now redirects to ChatSpot.ai 
  • Spotlight on Prompt Templates We've introduced a new, featured view of our favorite prompt templates. When visiting ChatSpot.ai you'll now see our hand-curated prompts tagged as "Featured". Additionally, we're introducing a 'new' tag, which will be automatically applied to all prompt templates that have been added within the last two weeks. This way, if you miss a weekly video, you can still stay updated with the newest prompts.

    Now, let's dive in to into the insight-laden updates we have for you this week, all designed to maximize the effectiveness of your CRM. 
  • Find deals that need your attention with a one-click prompt template (as always, feel free to type it old-school) that helps you find deals that are not yet closed-won but also do not have a next activity date set. This should make keeping track of active deals in your pipeline a breeze.
  • Find unowned deals with ChatSpot by asking "find deals with an amount over $1,000 that do not have an owner" once you've found those deals that need your attention, you can jump right in to HubSpot, assign an owner, and get those deals worked 💪

ChatSpot Pro Tip: If you ask ChatSpot a question and didn't get what you're looking for, check for typos, they are more common than you'd think. 

Our mission is to continually improve our platform to provide powerful tools that can be beneficial for you and your business. Your feedback is incredibly valuable in guiding these improvements. As always, if there's something you'd like to see improved in ChatSpot, contact us directly at team@chatspot.ai