Dylan 07/26/2023
2 Minutes

We thought this would be a timely & new update today, ChatSpot can now craft images for specific social media dimensions - Twitter, for example. Then, Elon changed the name of Twitter and suddenly our syntax is out of date. Well, we still have a good thing going...but something about "Generate an image for my X header" doesn't feel right, alas... We're going to stick with Twitter for at least a few weeks.

ChatSpot has added even more though, let's have a look at what's new this week! 

  • Image Generation with dimensions: Generating images is an emerging AI use case that can speed up content creation in all sorts of ways. ChatSpot is built for business and knows that you often need images with specific dimensions as they are posted to various social media platforms. As of this update, you can ask ChatSpot to generate an image with specific social media dimensions applied. 

    ChatSpot can apply these dimensions to any image for the following platforms, styles, and sizes:

    Story (1080x1920), Square (1080x1080), Landscape (1080x566), Portrait (1080x1350)

    Twitter (...X, apparently)
    Profile (400x400), Header (1500 x 500), Ad (800x800) 

    Cover Photo (851x315), Profile (170x170) 

    Profile (400x400), Cover (1128,191), Square Ad (1080x1080), Landscape Ad (1200x627) 

    Ad (1080x1920) 

    Thumbnail (1280x720), Profile (800x800), Banner (2048x1152) 

    Profile (200x200), Post (1080x1920) 
  • Images now generated using Stable Diffusion: ChatSpot has moved to Stable Diffusion v2.1 in order to better support the needs of a business use case, such as dimensions. We'll be making a few improvements over the few weeks that are a direct result of this shift in technology.
  • Create notes instantly, no navigation needed: Adding notes to records in your CRM is one of the most common daily activities, regardless of your role. ChatSpot saves you all of the time spent typically digging for records and allows you to add a note to a contact record with a simple line of text. Try it on for size with ChatSpot's template for this prompt by simply typing the contact's email and the note you'd like to add, ChatSpot will handle the rest. 
  • Update properties for CRM records: ChatSpot has also added support for updating a contact's properties directly. Again, all you'll need is the contact's email and the property you'd like to update and ChatSpot can make those changes for you. Here's a template to get you started right away.

For both of the above updates, we do plan to support additional objects in the near future to allow you to interact with the full breadth of your CRM data entirely from ChatSpot. This week's video demo covers all of the above with some specific applications included, enjoy!