Dylan 08/02/2023
1 Minutes

🎶 Start spreading the news 🎶 this week, ChatSpot's updates include a new feature - company news subscriptions, 4 major improvements to last week's image generation update, and a usability improvement to make finding templates easier than ever. Let's go! 

We're experimenting with a new format for update #13 - watch this week's video update on YouTube ▶️. And if the written word is more your style, all of this week's updates are covered below.


  • News subscriptions - Staying on top of news regarding your customers is a cheat-code to customer happiness. Anyone in a customer facing role knows this. ChatSpot AI is now making staying on top of the news easier than ever with subscriptions. You can ask ChatSpot to Subscribe to news for any company and you'll start getting email notifications as soon as that news is published. Customer insights are easier than ever with ChatSpot doing the heavy lifting. 

    The future is bright with this one, imagine a world where this news is delivered straight to your connected CRM and AI suggesting the next-based-action based on the news itself...fascinating. 

    Screenshot 2023-08-02 at 8.54.45 AM

  • 4x image generation - AI imagery is still finding its footing (frankly, most of AI is) but oftentimes there's magic after a few iterations. ChatSpot previously returned a single image for all image generation prompts. Now, when you ask ChatSpot for a you'll get 4 😊  - AI image generation still has a ways to go but we're committed to continually innovating alongside it with ChatSpot. 
  • Template Search - We've improved the ability to find templates from the search box. Now, search will look across all template categories instead of just the current filtered set. This should make things easier for you today but also will allow us to scale the size of our template library as we continue to improve ChatSpot.