Dylan 08/09/2023
2 Minutes

ChatSpot has a whole new look 😎 and 3 new features that all help save you time, your most valuable asset. Keep reading or watch the video below for the full rundown on what's new in ChatSpot! 

ChatSpot AI Generated Summaries Video

Summarize CRM Records: A data-filled CRM is a healthy CRM. The more data you have though, the more difficult it can be to extract the most relevant insights. Think about the time it can take to navigate to a record, review important properties, and digest notes from several teammates, it's far from trivial. ChatSpot now supports CRM record summaries to give you those insights in a flash. Just ask ChatSpot to summarize a contact based on their email or a company based on their domain name. ChatSpot will instantly pull some key property data as well as perform an AI powered summary of the history of notes logged to that record. This is truly powerful AI for business that you won't find from any CRM or standalone AI product in the world other than ChatSpot.

(P.S. The best part about this update is that since recording the weekly video yesterday, we've already made multiple improvements to the way results are returned for contact & company summaries)

Interface Improvements: ChatSpot looks a bit different today. We've made changes that will help scale the product and support increasingly diverse use cases and functionality. Specifically, we've separated Templates and Chat, giving each experience dedicated real estate. With this, we'll have more real estate to improve the fidelity and experience of Chat and also to add additional templates and template-related functionality over time. Additionally, we've introduced a more in-line conversational experience to using prompt templates. 

Summarize YouTube Videos: ChatSpot can now summarize the entire contents of a YouTube video for you in seconds. Need help catching up with the news on Superconductors? ChatSpot has your back. Imagine being the most prepared you've ever been for a meeting...every time. Use ChatSpot to prepare for your next demo meeting or an introduction with a prominent person (or anyone with content on YouTube) in seconds - just drop the link for some of their YouTube content into ChatSpot and it'll deliver you a dossier of insights.

Summarize Podcast Stats: Podcasts have sure come a long way, I remember downloading standalone episodes to my iPod Classic from iTunes when there were only a handful worth listening to. Now, they're a dominant form of media and can play a key role in your brand's strategy. ChatSpot can help you instantly deep dive on the performance of podcasts that can be relevant to your brand with viewership numbers, publish frequency, and much more. Just ask ChatSpot for some podcast stats and it'll take care of the rest.