Kian 03/11/2024
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It's been quiet. Don't let the quiet fool you -- just like you, we've been busy since the start of the year! In the past few weeks, ChatSpot celebrated its first birthday, passed 200,000 total users, and got a lot smarter!

We've also been busy hearing from YOU about the challenges and opportunities you're facing. We've been learning about your experience with ChatSpot and how you want AI to help you efficiently and effectively attract, engage, and delight your customers. 

What We're Hearing

We've been reaching customers big and small, across industries and roles. When we started pulling at the threads of these conversations, 3 themes consistently came up:

  1. Focus on Practical Value You want AI to unlock real, tangible benefits for you and your business, like helping you more quickly access and understand your CRM data.
  2. Context Matters You want us to ensure that AI acts as a natural extension of your business and brand and not as a generic add-on.
  3. Meet You Where You Work You've told us that you want AI helping you along your side, directly in your tools and workflows so you can work smarter instead of working through the friction of new tools and new convoluted workflows.

What We're Doing

Your feedback and ideas have us revved up and working on many fronts. This week we're rolling out enhancements on 3 of these fronts:

  • Talk to Your Records You can now "talk" to your CRM data and gather the context you need about contacts, companies, deals, and tickets to help you write your next email or prepare for your next call or meeting quickly. Ask ChatSpot things like "Tell me about [a contact or company in your CRM]" or "Show me emails to [a contact in your CRM]"  
  • Better Memory We've been hard at work to make ChatSpot smarter by improving its memory across conversations and its ability to understand what you're trying to accomplish at every step.
  • Threads We're releasing an intuitive way to organize your ChatSpot conversations as threads.

We've also done some spring cleaning and sunset a few functionalities to make ChatSpot as a whole more stable and reliable.

Take Things for a Spin!

These improvements are now live for all users. They are a foundation for new features and enhancements that we'll roll out in the coming weeks, including deeper integration with data in your HubSpot CRM and AI-powered recommendations about things to know or do next. We'll also be expanding access to our private beta of ChatSpot integrated directly in HubSpot. Stay tuned!

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