Dylan 08/30/2023
2 Minutes

Happy (almost half) birthday, ChatSpot! In this week's update - we're highlighting your favorite 5 prompts over the last 6 months. One of those favorites is getting a major upgrade today, too!

Popular ChatSpot AI Prompts

  • #1 Image Generation - ChatSpot brings all of your generative AI needs under one roof, including image generation. When we began with ChatSpot, we were using Dall-E 2 for images. A few weeks back we moved to Stable Diffusion 2.1 and today we're moving to Stable Diffusion XL. This new diffusion model is bringing you the best images yet, guaranteed. You can prompt ChatSpot for an image "freestyle" but we've also added a full suite of prompt templates to help you generate images with a pre-set style, such as "Comic book" or "Cinematic". All of these stylized templates can be found here under the "images" category.  We're continuing to support 4 images simultaneously for HubSpot users, but users without a HubSpot CRM are limited to generating one image at a time.
  • #2 Blog Generation - Another favorite over the last 6 months has been ChatSpot's ability to generate blog drafts and quickly add them to your CRM. Using "writing style" settings, you can tailor blog posts to your brand's style and tone.
  • #3 Prospecting - ChatSpot offers a handful of prospecting prompts to choose from to help you find good fit prospects based on company size, technology, industry, and based on when a company has been founded. Collectively, prospecting has been the most popular use case for ChatSpot over the last 6 months.
  • #4 Company Profiles - ChatSpot can help you dig deeper on a company, whether it be a competitor or prospect. In seconds, ChatSpot delivers a complete profile of a company and supports quick actions to add that company to your CRM or to dive deeper with News or SEM research for a company.
  • #5 Summarize CRM Records - Our most recently launched CRM integration has surged to the top of the list as a favorite prompt. From any contact, company, deal, or ticket record you can ask ChatSpot for a quick summary. ChatSpot delivers a rundown of the record's key properties as well as a brief summary of the most important details found in notes logged on that record. 

It has certainly been an exciting 6 months for ChatSpot, all of us building the product have been energized by your enthusiasm for the product and more importantly the results you've seen to date. 

One quick administrative update for those of you who are active readers & watchers of the ChatSpot Weekly series. Moving forward, we'll be posting these updates 2x each month instead of weekly. Of course, we'll still be improving the product every day to help you grow better. Happy ChatSpotting!