Dylan 08/23/2023
1 Minutes

Each day we make hundreds of decisions. Sometimes these decisions are data-backed and sometimes we trust our instinct. Trusting our gut can certainly be a skill, but it has never hurt to find supporting evidence for these decisions. When we omit data collection, it is usually because a decision needs to be made so quickly that there isn't time to find the supporting evidence needed. 

ChatSpot is here to change that story, making data gathering feel as natural as talking to your best friend. This week's update covers several new prompts that help gather instant insights and shape your daily decisions. 

Talk to your data with ChatSpot AI

  • Alphabetic Sorting of Prompt Templates - The first quick-hit update for this week is that all prompt templates are now sorted Alphabetically, with the exception of NEW templates that automatically are sorted to the top of a template category. This should help you find the templates you need more quickly. 
  • Find Objects with Missing Data - Sometimes the best report you can gather is one that shows you where you have information gaps. ChatSpot now supports the ability to ask for a list of objects that do not have data populated for a given property. My favorite is "find deals without an amount set" - a strong signal that your deal probably needs more qualifying before moving down the pipeline. 
  •  Prioritize data with sorting - Reports in ChatSpot are limited to a handful of results, this helps optimize for quick readability and rapid interaction. To bring the data you need into this focused list, you can now ask ChatSpot to sort by a field on the object. 

Sort Objects

  •  Identify ticket volume by rep - You can now use ChatSpot to quickly analyze ticket volume. "Compare tickets added last week to this week" will get you started with a high level view of ticket volume. You can also include a specific owner to understand an individual's workload, "Compare tickets added last week to this week owned by [[support rep name]]" will deliver those insights near-instantly. 

    Ticket Volume

That's just a fraction of this week's updates, the video above includes a few more, including a callout to the best way to provide feedback on specific ChatSpot responses. We're invested in continued improvement of these capabilities, we know that quickly accessing data can be a complete game changer in your businesses operations.

P.S. Since recording this video less than 24 hours ago, we've also added the ability to create deals directly from ChatSpot. You can find a template for this in the CRM category.